Denuvo Strikes Back: Voksi Arrested by Bulgarian Cyber Police

Denuvo Strikes Back: Voksi Arrested by Bulgarian Cyber Police

Denuvo is an Anti-Tamper and digital rights management (DRM) software employed by many game developers as a way of stopping their games from getting cracked and pirated. A huge number of players have spoken up against Denuvo and how it is bloated and can adversely affect a games performance, as it did in the case of Rime and many more have spoken about how DRM doesn’t really help increase game sales. Well, there was one man who decided to Revolt against Denuvo to provide games for free to the users to show the people that even Denuvo can be cracked. The man in question, Voksi, cracked multiple Denuvo games, many of which were using a different version of the Anti-Tamper software. His latest feats included the cracking of Dragon Ball FighterZ and Injustice 2.

It all started on 25th July when users noticed that Voksi’s site, was redirecting to the Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs site. Many thought that this was done by a hacker and was a scare tactic. However, on 26th July Voksi posted on a subreddit he frequented where he also showed off his methods to crack Denuvo. In his post, Voksi confirmed that he was visited by the police, his computer and server were seized and that he was arrested since Denuvo decided to file a case against him. He goes on to say that while the issue is not yet resolved, he will no longer be able to continue doing what he does and that this is the end of his career as a cracker.

Mark Mulready, Vice President of Cybersecurity Services of Irdeto had this to say. “Piracy is a threat that is now firmly established in the gaming industry, and we are focused on securing the content of game publishers and ensuring that hackers cannot distort the gaming environment for personal gain at the expense of other players”. Irdeto is the parent company of Denuvo after they acquired them earlier this year in January.

What’s next for Voksi is not yet known as he is still waiting to hear back from the law enforcement and Denuvo. There’s been a lot of support for him ever since this came to light since a huge majority of PC Gamers are against DRM of any kind, especially those that hog system resources and negatively impact a game’s performance. This has also caused people to question Denuvo and if they really want to help the PC Gaming scene or just want to profit off of it since they don’t seem to be fixing their DRM but rather seem to go after people and groups who are showing them up.

We would like to clarify that we at GamingMonk do not condone piracy of any sorts.

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Jul 26, 2018