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Dead or Alive 6 ‘The Regeneration of Brutality’ Trailer

Dead or Alive 6 ‘The Regeneration of Brutality’ Trailer

• Country: Japan
• Age: Classified
• Blood Type: Classified
• Height / Weight: Classified
• Occupation: Classified
• Favorite Food or Drink: Classified
• Hobby: Classified
• Fighting Style: Modified Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu – With Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu as a base, he uses his mimicry skills to copy various powerful moves of other styles as well. He favors a power-focused fighting style, making use of his colossal physique, using both moves stolen from others, and his own, such as the Tenho-Gorai-Sho and the Rekku-Jinraisatsu.

Raidou was thought to be killed during an explosion after the first Dead or Alive tournament, but his body was secretly recovered and experimented on using DOATEC’s biotechnology, and while that leaves Raidou without a mind of his own, he has now devolved into a madman who only craves strength and destruction.

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News Guy
Feb 11, 2019