Days Gone Is 67 GB In Size, Biggest Sony First Party Title Yet

Days Gone Is 67 GB In Size, Biggest Sony First Party Title Yet

Days Gone is the upcoming PS4 exclusive, that boasts a massive open world, and is filled to the brim with zombies. Given the scope of the game, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to know that it has a huge install size of 67 GB. However, what is surprising is that it is the biggest Sony first party title yet, bigger that Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and Spiderman.

This large install size is mostly due to the open world nature of the game. It is so big that your bike in the game is absolutely essential to your survival. Running out of fuel or letting your bike go into disrepair can mean certain death. The world is treacherous, and threats come at you from every side.

Another reason are the zombie hordes. While there are many games with zombies, Days Gone has massive hordes of them that attack you. A horde of 300 is considered to be a small horde, so one can only image what a large horde looks like.

Days Gone also looks gorgeous from everything we have seen so far. The environments are rich with detail, and the dynamic weather effects are breathtaking.

Are you excited for Days Gone? We definitely are, so keep an eye out for more coverage coming soon.

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Nicolas Rage
Apr 16, 2019