COD Mobile Best Weapons Guide (Assault Rifle, SMG, LMG, Shotgun)

From shotguns to assault rifles to SMGs to Sniper Rifles, Call of Duty Mobile has tons of weapons to choose from. No matter what your playstyle is, there’s something for everyone, but it can be a little daunting trying to figure out what’s the best choice of weapons for you. That’s why we’ve prepared this handy guide that’ll tell you about all the weapons in the game, and suggest which ones suit you the most.


Let’s start off with the Assault Rifle since it will most probably be the most used category of weapon.

The best in this is the AK117. It has a high rate of fire and decent damage with a very controllable recoil which makes spraying it a good choice. However you will only be able to unlock this game after multiple hours in the game at Rank 60.

So what should you until then? Well here’s how you should ideally change weapons.

You will start off the game with the M4 which is a decent weapon but once you reach Rank 23, you will unlock the AK47 and you should immediately switch to that. It has higher output damage than the M4 but it is slower than it and has a worse recoil. It’s still better though with a bit of recoil control and a foregrip.

After the Ak47 you can switch to the M16 when it unlocks at Rank 46 and then finally move onto the AK 117. However, moving on to the M16 and AK 117 is a personal choice but you should definitely try to move away from the M4.


Moving onto the Sniper weapons now, which will be another weapon class that many people use.

When you start the game, you’ll have access to the DL Q33 which is quite frankly an extremely good sniper rifle to use throughout your time playing the game as it has the highest damage output of any Sniper in the game. It’s a bolt action Sniper rifle which means that you will have to wait just a short bit before firing your next shot.

If you’re precise with your shots, it won’t matter much. However, if you would like a Sniper Rifle that allows you to shoot quickly after the last shot, you can use the M21 EBR which unlocks at Rank 29. It does less damage than the DL Q33 but it allows you to quickly fire another shot which means that you can be a bit more reckless with your aim.


Next up is the Submachine Class. Here, the best weapon to use is the AKS-74U. With a great firing rate and decent mid-range performance, this SMG is the best one to have when running around. It also unlocks early on at Rank 8 so you won’t have to settle for an alternative.

If you do want a weapon with an even higher fire-rate for close quarters, the MSMC which unlocks at Rank 33 is a good choice but it’s not very controllable. In a similar fashion,

The PDW-57 that you get as part of the daily login reward is also a great choice for an SMG with high damage.


Onwards to shotguns. Here, the Striker is arguably the best one to use due to its balance but it unlocks at Rank 52. It is a one-hit kill at close range but until you get your hands on it, you can use the BY15 which unlocks at Rank 15. The BY15 is a pump-action shotgun that deals more damage than the Striker and is fast enough to get off a second shot in case you miss the first time.


Finally, we have the LMGs. Here the UL 736 is the best thanks to its high damage and good long-range combat abilities. Sadly this unlocks at Rank 115. Until then you can use the RPD which unlocks at Rank 19 and does a decent job at mid to long-range combat. 

And with that, we wrap up our guide for the best weapons you can use in Call of Duty Mobile throughout the different categories. Stay tuned for more, as we will be putting up individual weapon guides as well, with the best attachments.

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Jasmeet Singh
Jan 13, 2020