Call of duty mobile season 9: what to expect

With the end of season 8 just around the corner, players are wondering what would the next season have in store for us. Season 9 which launches on 6th August 2020 brings with it a lot of great addition to the game such as a new battle royale map, gunsmiths, new operator, fan favourite COD locations and many more.

New maps

Many popular multiplayer maps from previous Modern Warfare titles are likely going to make their way to the mobile version of the game soon.

Pine, the very familiar Gunfight map from Modern Warfare 2019 – according to @CODM_Updates.

Terminal, as seen on the test server, is set at an airport and seems the same as the one from Modern Warfare 2.

Shipment is the small-sized map best suited for Team Deathmatch mode.

Two other maps called Rebirth and Breakdown have also been confirmed to be coming – according to @CODM_Updates.

Additionally all options in the community pool have been released, apart from Dome and Shipment. Many believed Shipment was meant to arrive in Season 6 or 7, but we’ve still yet to see it arrive. Tunisia has also yet to be released.

The maps Shipment and Terminal in particular were seen on the public test servers, indicating that these might make their way into Call of Duty Mobile in a near future update.

New battle royale map

A new battle royale map is being added to the game which is a port of the Alcatraz map from Black Ops 4’s Blackout.

Zombies game mode

Data-miners have also found game files involving Richtofen, one of the four main characters in COD: Mobile Zombies. This along with the return of Rebirth Island which was a zombies map from the original Call of Duty Black Ops have led many to believe in a return of the beloved zombie game mode which was removed back in season 4, or it could just be a new playable map in Multiplayer or Battle Royale.

New class- Hacker

It seems a new class named ‘Hacker’ is also coming in the future update. The class offers 2 abilities-

The Active skill of this class is ‘Ice Pick,’ which will black out the minimap of nearby enemies.

The Passive ability of the ‘Hacker’ class is ‘Hard Wired‘ this ability will prevent you from getting revealed whenever an enemy is using the ‘Scout’ class and any interference will not block the radar in your minimap.

This class can give you considerable advantage as enemy players will not be able to use their abilities when hacked.

New operator skills

Two new operator skills were also recently revealed recently

Photo via @CODM_Updates

Shadow Blade‘ has the following description: “Swiftly kill enemies at close range while also detecting hostiles within the shroud of any smoke grenade.”

Photo via @GrowPositiveYT

Equalizer‘ has the following description: “Dual integrated machine guns with built-in suppressors for close-quarters combat.” The skill takes inspiration from Synaptic’s Payload in Infinite Warfare.

Gunsmith, Armour plates and much more

Season 9 also gives players access to brand new Gunsmith customisation options,  inspired from Modern Warfare 2019. Just like in Warzone, airdrops will carry your ‘Personalized Custom Loadouts’ so players will have a chance to grab their customized weapons with all the amazing attachments.

Keen eyed Call of Duty fans may have noticed that season 9 takes a huge inspiration from Call of Duty Warzone. Adapting many of its amazing features and even adding the ‘battle royale intro animation’ and ‘Armour plate’ mechanics directly picked up from Warzone.

In the test server, the armor plates can be used to regenerate the health of players’ damaged vest. These armour playes can be found when looting with each plate giving an additional 50 Health Points (HP) to players. However, players can only equip 3 armor plates at a time.

Nalin Rawat
Jul 29, 2020