BFV’s Firestorm Strongly Resembles Fortnite, Only More Intense

Battlefield V’s open beta has begun and with the game launching in a few months time, there’s a lot of things to break down before we get to that release date based on the “This is Battlefield V” Trailer. Mainly, let’s discuss the new mechanics, how they affect the Battle Royale Mode, Firestorm, how one might draw certain similarities to Fortnite and how Firestorm separates itself from other titles in this genre.

The Ring of Fire

So battle royale games have various way of keeping the match interesting and to stop it from becoming a camping fest where nobody moves an inch. Battlefield V’s method seems quite horrifying as a Ring of Fire closes in on you and if you don’t pay attention, you will probably get burned alive. Not a fun way to go. While Fortnite’s way is less gruesome, the main mechanic behind all battle royale games is the same when it comes to decreasing the playing field.

Building it Up to Break it back Down

One of the new introductions to Battlefield V is the ability to build various things to aid you in your battle. From building Foxholes and barriers to creating Tank Stoppers so that you don’t get run over. Heck, you can create new paths that allow you to flank enemies and catch them by surprise. Sounds similar to what Fortnite does but it’s a very, very Battlefield thing since creating blockades is what was happening in WW2 a lot as armies gained more foothold.

Vehicular Mayhem

Golf carts are no match for tanks and man, does Battlefield V have a load of them. Firestorm has been described as a sandbox with a lot of destructive tools which includes tanks. I can’t imagine rolling up to someone as they’re trying to get away from the fire only to run into you. With a tank. This should add a new way of contesting for a place and also could be an interesting technique that players could employ to make sure they survive.

Destroy Everything

Battlefield is famed for its destructible environments and having such a dynamic environment in a Battle Royale mode will add a lot of uncertainty to the game. If you think you’re safe in a building, you could be horribly wrong as you watch the floor beneath you collapse because a tank decided to ram into the building to clear it out. While Fortnite does have a destructible environment that is used to get the material to build things, this doesn’t seem to be the case in Battlefield. Plus, the scale of destruction has always been on another level when it comes to the Battlefield Series.

It’s Battlefield

The thing most unique about Firestorm is that it is part of the Battlefield Gamemode. That’s what makes it unique since it uses a lot of the already pre-defined Battlefield mechanics which players will now have to employ in a different way which will surely be a breath of fresh air. Plus, there’s no Battle Royale game that does World War 2 on such a grand and destructive scale. While players might feel like they’re just copying other BR games, it doesn’t seem like that from what we’ve seen as of yet. But, if you’re going to go with what’s trending, it’s better to do it in a way that incorporates the mechanics and aesthetics of your game to provide a similar yet refreshing experience which DICE seems to be doing.

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Sep 06, 2018