Anthem Won’t Have Loot Boxes; Story DLC to be Free

Anthem Won’t Have Loot Boxes; Story DLC to be Free

Bioware’s upcoming game Anthem is highly anticipated, partly because of the game itself and partly because people want to see if Bioware still has that magic. While it is primarily a multiplayer game, Bioware has stated that it will not have lootboxes.

At PAX West, Mark Darrah, executive producer of Anthem at Bioware, stated that Anthem will not contain lootboxes and that cosmetics in-game that are purchasable with real-money will also be earnable by playing the game. They’re trying to make it so that players who want the items but don’t want to invest the time can buy it while those who would prefer to play for it have that option open to them as well. How much the player will have to grind for it, however, is not known but it’s safe to say that to earn those items, there is going to be a grind.

Furthermore, Bioware also intends to add to the story of the game post-release which they aim will keep the game alive months after it’s initial release.

“For storytelling we don’t want to divide the audience, we want people to be able to experience the same stories so none of that is going to be locked”

Darrah said at a Q&A Session. 

This is a positive move that has people curious since Destiny 2, a game which it seems to borrow from, has Story DLC that is locked behind a paywall. This decision may or may not sway the opinion of people after the game releases if it turns out to be a good game since people won’t have to worry about buying a Season Pass or additional DLC to enjoy the game.

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Sep 04, 2018