Among Us: Impostor Guide

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about Among Us as it is all the rage in the gaming community right now. This tacky multiplayer game is one of the best mobile games available currently. If you have been playing it, then well, we have a guide for you on how to play as the impostor in this fun game.

Source: Among Us Wiki

Try not to stand out – If you’re the impostor, the worst thing you could be doing is stalking other players in order to kill them early on. Instead, just try to act as if you’re part of the team by completing tasks and always being near a console or computer to blend in. Another good tip is to be active in the discussion when a dead body is found. 

Source: Malavida

Don’t be seen – As an impostor, this should be of utmost priority and you should be using stealth to your advantage. Take note of the security cameras as most impostors are caught on one while they do the killing so be vigilant at all times. Avoid using the vent system as it is an impostor only ability and if you’re seen using it early game then it may spell trouble. Use them when you need to leave the murder scene quickly. 

Source: AIR Entertainment

Use the environment to your advantage – While looking like the most innocent lad on the server is all well and good, impostors need to kill off the other crewmates too, and doing this is not as easy as it seems. In order to do this, you need to sabotage whenever possible and keep shutting doors to one out your enemies and kill them. 

Source: APK Pure

Know the crewmates – You should try and take out the more seasoned players first as they will realize who is the impostor if allowed to stay in the game for a longer time. Note how one navigates the map, if they’re sure of what they need to do and are moving around very quickly and efficiently it means that they are probably old players who know how the game works. Try and kill them first. 

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Sep 15, 2020