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AMD Radeon RX 640 and RX 630 Cards Spotted In Latest Graphics Drivers

AMD Radeon RX 640 and RX 630 Cards Spotted In Latest Graphics Drivers

AMD’s Navi graphics cards may on the way, but that doesn’t mean that the red team is done with the older architectures. TPU Forums user Just Some Noise spotted the Radeon RX 600 series cards in the new Adrenaline drivers. Interestingly, these are based on the Polaris architecture, like the RX 400 and the RX 500 series.

The two models, namely the RX 640 and RX 630 are present in the Adrenaline 19.4.3 drivers released recently. At first glance, it would be logical to assume that these are a part of the upcoming Navi line-up, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

The RX 640 shares the same device ID as the RX 550X, while the RX 630’s device ID is the same as the RX 540X. This could be another Polaris refresh like AMD did with the RX 500 series. This does fly in the face of the rumours that AMD would be releasing a Vega based GPU in the time leading up to the Navi launch. But on the other hand, if AMD is bringing more cards to the Polaris range, there’s nothing stopping them from giving the Vega graphics cards the same treatment. After all, people were looking forward to a more affordable, 8GB version of the Radeon VII.

Another possibility is that the lower end of AMD’s upcoming graphics card will use the Polaris architecture, and the higher end GPUs will be reserved for Navi. If this is indeed the case, I would’ve loved to see AMD going with at least Vega for the entry level graphics, but who knows what the company has in store for gamers? Maybe they’ll just go Navi all across the board. A boy can dream, right?

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May 14, 2019