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All we know about Intel’s new core i9 9990 XE

All we know about Intel’s new core i9 9990 XE

Intel has always surprised us with the performance of its high-end chips. All those ‘Extreme’ series chips seem so powerful that they make our ‘normal’ chips seem obsolete.

Intel’s new i9 9990XE

Details of Intel’s core i9 9990 XE chip have surfaced, thanks to Puget Systems. The chip is OEM exclusive and will most probably not make it’s way to the consumer market. The new ‘extreme’ chip is embedded with 14 cores and 28 threads. The chip has a 4 GHz and 5.1 GHz base and boost clock respectively. The chip supports Quad channel memory with speeds up to 2666 MHz.

Core i9 9990 XE specs

The processor is based on Intel’s same old 14nm architecture. The 9990 XE, despite being a 14 core chip, is a very ‘power-hungry’ piece of hardware. The chip has a 255W TDP out of the box, and with great power, comes…..umm..great temperatures? Well, in our case, yes.
Reviewer Matt Bach tweeted that ‘Our traditional air coolers (stock Intel coolers) are not quite up to the task. Switched up to a Corsair H80i with push/pull fans and we are at least not breaking 90C under full load anymore.’

Perhaps it’s time for Intel to move to a more efficient architecture? What do you think about the new i9 9990 XE? Let’s us know in the comments below.

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Arnav Mishra
Feb 09, 2019