All Locations In Call Of Duty Blackout’s Massive Map

All Locations In Call Of Duty Blackout’s Massive Map

Blackout pits the most players ever in franchise history against each other, in the biggest map in Call of Duty history – 1,500 times the size of Nuketown – all with the signature Black Ops combat players know. The new map is massive, with a ton of regions that fans will be familiar with. Here are all the locations in Call of Duty Blackout’s massive map:

Nuketown Island – based on the legendary map, this is more like a ghost town, as players will explore the remnants of this former nuclear testing site, which features boarded-up homes, an abandoned bunker and more.

Firing Range – a true icon of Black Ops, this area is a classified military training base tucked away in the woods. Close-range encounters are common in this combat arena.

River Town – a countryside peninsula town rife with small houses, diners, farms and even a GMO grainery. River Town is full of places to gear up and engage in close-to-mid-range firefights.

Array – consisting of warehouses in the shadow of three giant satellites, this area is rife with high vantage points and plenty of opportunities to find gear.

Estates – inspired by Raid from Black Ops II and Stronghold from Black Ops III, at the map’s north end lies the austere, luxury Estates, surrounded by manicured hedges an modern art. The buildings are full of rooms and garages strewn with weapons and loot.

Asylum – based on the classic Zombies map Verruckt, exactly how it sounds, this is a deserted asylum with burned-out walls and busted windows. Players will also discover a sprawling maze on the asylum grounds.

Hydro Facility – a giant hydroelectric dam, inspired by Hydro from Black Ops II, this is a massive water plant on the northeast area of the map. Players can fight their way through the central offices and command center or swim out to explore nearby water tanks.

Train Station – blending open spaces with short sightlines and sharp turns, this modern train station consists of a parking lot, outdoor waiting area and small central building.

Construction Site – a multi-level unfinished skyscraper, complete with an elevator, helipad and tons of areas to pick up gear. Finding a grapple gun would be an efficient way to traverse the location quickly.

Cargo Docks – based on Cargo from Black Ops II, located in the southwest area of the map, the Cargo Docks feature flat, open spaces where players will use the massive shipping containers for cover or even land a helicopter on a floating cargo ship if they are brave enough.

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Sep 11, 2018