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X-Plane 10 (PC)

X-Plane 10 Regional: North America is the most comprehensive and powerful flight simulator available for the personal computer. X-Plane 10 simulates anything that flies: From single-engine fixed wing props to multi-engine jets, from gliders to dirigibles, from helicopters to spacecraft and VTOLs, X-Plane 10 simulates them all. Using blade-element theory, X-Plane 10 simulates the aerodynamic properties of any lifting surface, producing the most realistic flight dynamics available. Create your own aircraft using the included Plane-Maker tool or design your own scenery with World-Maker. X-Plane 10 includes more than 30 aircraft spanning the aviation industry and history with hundreds more commercial and user-created planes available for download from the Internet. All-new highly detailed aircraft with full 3D interiors, including jumbo jet airliners, single-engine prop, glider, helicoptr and even the Space Shuttle Improved aircraft physics with flexible wing modelling. “X-Plane is a fantastic sandbox that makes a terrific counterpart to the much more rigid Flight Simulator series.” - GameSpot Quoted



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Platform PC
Genre Simulation