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T80 Racing Wheel

Product manufactured under official PlayStation® license. The first racing wheel for PlayStation®4 racing games! PlayStation® 4 license guarantees 100% compatibility* in games and in menus with official “PS” , “Share” and “Options” buttons. Official embedded firmware (allowing for automatic recognition of the wheel by the PS4). *The wheel must be supported by the game. List of games available at http://ts.thrustmaster.com/. 2 On-wheel sequential digital gear shift paddles. Wheel grip with rubber texture coating. Large optimized pedal set 2 pedals with wide foot-rest. Adjustable angle of inclination for each pedal. Brake pedal featuring progressive resistance. Complete equipment 2 sequential levers + 11 action buttons + D-Pad. Adjustable wheel sensitivity for precise driving. picto feature Linear resistance Auto-centering. Thrustmaster® "bungee cord" exclusive system providing with realistic resistance. Technology Central clamping system Central clamping system with wide jaws for optimal stability with all desk and table types.




Additional Information

Manufacturer ThrustMaster
Platform Supported PS3, PS4