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The Japanese multinational Nintendo is a recognized name in the gaming world for its gaming consoles and video games. The amazing features of Wii gaming consoles include its highly technical gaming remote also known as Wii-mote. The remote comes with a great motion three dimension tracker and can be triggered on gestures up to 10 meters. The sensory feedback and the Wii Connect 24 help you connect your console to the internet and improve the gaming performance.

The IBM processor and the ATI Hollywood graphics processor is a powerful combination for hard-core and casual gamers both. Nintendo launched a series of portable gaming consoles called the Nintendo DS and 3DS. Seamless touch screen, improved IEEE wireless standards, comfortable design made this device one of the biggest and most popular devices for portable consoles on the world.

The new features also include a smoother stylus and a powerful GPU and bigger memory card slot for a glitch-free gaming experience. The Nintendo 3DS is a powerful leap over DS with camera features for 3D photographs. The autostereoscopic 3D LCD is an amazing concept for the gamers and takes the experience to a whole new level.

The Nintendo gaming consoles are available online on Gaming monk at the best prices along with some deals that pair the consoles with accessories to enhance your gaming experience. Whether it is the Ninteno Wii, the Nintendo 3DS or the Nintendo 3D, we have all the consoles available and in-stock for you at all times for your convenience.