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F1 Wireless Gamepad Ferrari 150 Italia Alonso Edition

The ultimate 2.4 GHz wireless controller. Exceptional metalized design : Inspired by the Musetto (i.e. nose) of the 2011 Ferrari F1 race car, the Ferrari 150th Italia, Signed by Fernando Alonso! Lower grip featuring a full peach skin texture, for unrivalled comfort. OPTICAL WHEEL with auto-centering (Exclusive on all platforms!) For ultra-precise control over your progressive steering actions, with an auto-centering feature. 90° rotation angle (whereas mini-sticks offer only 40°). DUAL PROGRESSIVE TRIGGERS 2 progressive and programmable triggers. Unrivalled control: independent and measurable braking and acceleration. 2-in-1: for PC & PlayStation®3 One controller for both systems. Home button for the PlayStation®3 Fully programmable (simple programming, no CD required). The buttons, mini-sticks, directional buttons, optical wheel and triggers can be swapped MAPPING, PRESET & Internal Memory functions Enables users to switch from one configuration to another in just 1 second! The controller stores all programmed button configurations, even when disconnected!




Additional Information

Manufacturer ThrustMaster
Platform Supported PC, PS3