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Call of Duty : Advance Warfare (XBOX One)

When Private Jack Mitchell is approached by Atlas Corporation's CEO, Jonathan Irons who also happens to be the father of one of his killed in action troop mates, Mitchell is appreciative and accepts the offer to join the world's most powerful private military company. And what follows is a perilous journey of saving millions of innocent lives across the world from dangerous forces. But does he realize that the enemies are closer to him than he realizes? Set in 2054, this version of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare meant for PS4 will prove to be a treat for all the PS4 holders!!


With Jonathan Irons' proposal to offer Mitchell an advanced prosthetic arm, he is back in action once more!! Soon after, the world is threatened by a terrorist group called KVA, lead by the disruptive man Hades and Atlas has to interfere to stop him before he causes any more havoc. After successfully rescuing the kidnapped Nigerian Prime Minister from the hold of KVA and getting hold of one of KVA's technologists, Mitchell and his team are unsuccessful in stopping the nuclear reactor meltdown in various parts of the world, which has become a major scare all round the globe. When Hades is found in Santorini, Mitchell severely injures Hades and before Hades breathes his last, he reveals a piece of information that is set to change Mitchell's world.

The Turning Point

The data chip gives by Hades before he died reveals shocking information about how Irons killed the technologist captured in Nigeria because he knew the dark secrets of Irons. The nuclear reactor meltdowns were deliberately allowed to occur as Irons wanted the reputation of Atlas Corporation to spread worldwide. Mitchell later encounter Mitchell's ex army team mate, Cormack, to join him in the Sentinel Task Force, an international effort to prevent Atlas' rise to power. After discovering the malicious intentions of Atlas behind development of a new bioweapon "Manticore", Sentinels find out that the drug is developed to destroy specific individuals based on their DNA and hence, the Atlas employees remain safe. Later, Irons declares war on world, at the United Nations assembly.

The Climax

After a major fight, Irons retreats to his headquarters in Baghdad until the US Army decides to chase Irons and deal with him in the court of law. This is when Atlas releases Manticore, killing most of the army but imprisoning Mitchell and his team. Then starts the hard battle between the good and the evil. But this is not the end...

Different scenes set in various parts guarantee that you are taken to various parts of the world. Available for PS4 platform, this game features holographic display instead of heads-up technology to make the game more interactive. With life-like display and hi-tech gadgets, you are sure to experience an immersive gaming thrill. Enthralling, high on latest gadgets and breathtaking technology






Additional Information

Platform XBOX One
Multiplayer LAN Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer, Split/Screen
Publisher Activision
Genre First Person, Shooter