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Assassin's Creed Unity (PS4)

Be a part of the epic French Revolution and help Arno get to his father's murderers. This action packed episode of the Assassins Creed series is set in the city of Paris. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft, this is a historical action adventure video game. The game can be played in single user mode or cooperative multiplayer mode as per the user's choice.


The story of the latest edition of Assassins Creed is based on a young boy named Arno Dorian who is in search of his adoptive father's killer. After Arno's father is killed, who was an assassin, Arno is adopted by the Templer Grandmaster. Due to Arno's negligence, the Templer Grandmaster is murdered and Arno is captured and thrown in jail. This is where Arno meets an Assassin named Brutte and escapes from the prison. The story has a romantic side to it with Arno's love interest Elise De LaSerre, the daughter of Templer Grandmaster and their complicated love story.

The game has interesting deviations to it with small sections of scripted events that provide fascinating break from the main plot. The Creed points earned for good performances and interesting decisions lets you upgrade your weapon or armour. If you opt for the single player mode, you will have to play the entire game single handed. There are also two player modes wherein both the players need to communicate and play in order to succeed. The multi player mode allows you to tag three other friends where death of even a single person causes the entire team to lose. Therefore, it is important to look out for your buddy and make sure that everybody stays alive. There are various types of arms available like swords, axes, spears, polearms, pistols and the latest addition to the arms list is the Phantom Blade, which is a hidden blade with crossbow capabilities.

The new parkour mechanics allows the Assassins to run up, across and down the city walls and buildings. There is also the new stealth mode that allows the Assassins to stealthily crouch and stay hidden from the enemies during combats. Combat of this edition of Assassins Creed is like never before. Learn to attack, dodge and parry and use the three in various combinations so as to use your techniques artfully in killing the enemies. For the first time, player has the option of customizing his own abilities using the points earned through gameplay in order to improve various skills.

Along with the game, discover the history that caused French revolution by embarking on a historical mission through the tall buildings and mysterious treasures of the beautiful city of Paris. The intricately detailed graphics literally transports you to the old Parisian world filled with richness and agony.

Set out on the epic mission to help Arno achieve his target.



Additional Information

Platform PS4
Multiplayer Online Multiplayer
Publisher Ubisoft
Genre Action
Manufacturer No
Platform Supported No
Mic No
Release Date No
Note 14 November 2014
Color No
In The Box No
Bluetooth No
Key Features No
Warranty No
Wireless No
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